The Win-Win Deal for Institutional M&A

New York, NY, April 16, 2019 – Park Sutton Advisors, LLC (“Park Sutton Advisors”) is pleased to have served as exclusive financial advisor to Cortina Asset Management, LLC (“Cortina”) on its announced sale to Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc. (“Silvercrest,” NASDAQ: SAMG). Founded in 2004, Cortina is an independent asset management firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, managing $1.7 billion in small cap growth and core equity strategies for institutional clients.

“In Silvercrest, we found a client-driven firm that acts and thinks just like us,” said John Potter, a Founding Principal of Cortina. “We are delighted that we will invest, trade and service client assets in the same manner as we have since 2004. With Silvercrest, our investment team will enjoy deeper research resources and greater scale. As important, our employee-owner culture will seamlessly meld with the Silvercrest partnership model that works tirelessly for and with clients.”

“We have long sought the right partner to establish an innovative and high-caliber growth equity capability at the firm,” said Richard R. Hough III, Chairman and CEO of Silvercrest. “Silvercrest seeks to combine strong intellectual capital within a supportive partnership culture to benefit institutional and individual investors alike. We found terrific professionals at Cortina who are committed to their investment craft, to each other and to our partnership. We are excited to support their special talent and to further support and enhance their strategies in the marketplace, setting the stage for our next phase of growth.”

“We have tremendous respect for the team at Cortina, a group we have known for over 10 years with an impeccable reputation in U.S. institutional money management.  Similar to the way any long-only manager would invest their portfolios, a rigorous approach is essential when launching the search for the optimal strategic partner,” said Steven Levitt, Founder of Park Sutton Advisors.  Annie Tronoski, Managing Director, went on to add, “Park Sutton Advisors is committed to identifying and effecting unique solutions in mergers and acquisitions as we believe every assignment deserves the highest degree of attention.  We wish Cortina and Silvercrest all the best as they move forward together.”

Park Sutton Advisors | Investment Banking Boutique

Park Sutton Advisors is a leading investment banking boutique that specializes in the financial services industry. With over 70 years of aggregate experience, our senior team has worked in many facets of the financial services industry, including investment banking, asset management and mutual funds, consumer finance, insurance, equity research and funds evaluation.

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