RIA M&A Case Study: Acquiring the Trifecta – Scale and Diverse Leadership in a Sought-After Market

Park Sutton Advisors Announces 10th Transaction of 2019: Represents South Texas Money Management on Merger with CAPTRUST

August 27, 2019 – Park Sutton Advisors, LLC (“Park Sutton Advisors”) is pleased to have represented South Texas Money Management LTD (“STMM”), one of the largest, independent wealth managers in the state of Texas, on joining with CAPTRUST.  Founded in 2000 with offices in key markets across the state including San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, and Brenham, STMM manages $3.7 billion on behalf of individuals and institutions.  Key executives at STMM will continue in senior leadership roles and as partners at CAPTRUST.

Steven Levitt, Founder and Managing Director of Park Sutton Advisors stated, “I had known Jeanie Wyatt and her team for years and continue to have tremendous respect for the organization they built, one that places clients first while also providing the consummate example of diverse leadership. While it is not rare for a wealth manager to have a female majority of employees, it is rare to see that majority translated into its management team.  This was compelling to many potential partners as the firm considered its strategic options.  Park Sutton is proud to report our recurring success especially in working with women-owned and led firms.”

Annie Tronoski, Managing Director of Park Sutton Advisors added, “This transaction is so smart for both parties as they each gain access to the other’s opportunities.  If one were to look at just demographics alone, combining highest growth market states like Texas and North Carolina make this a homerun for either side.  We wish the greatest success for both STMM and CAPTRUST as they begin their journey together.”

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About Park Sutton Advisors

Park Sutton Advisors is a leading investment banking boutique that specializes in the financial services industry. With over 70 years of aggregate experience, our senior team has worked in many facets of the financial services industry, including investment banking, asset management and mutual funds, consumer finance, insurance, equity research and funds evaluation.

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