RIA M&A Case Study: 2nd Generation Re-Cap with Permanent Capital

Park Sutton Advisors represents Kudu Investment Management on investment in Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, LLC (B|O|S)

New York, NY – October 19, 2018 – Park Sutton Advisors, LLC (“Park Sutton Advisors”) is pleased to have represented Kudu Investment Management, LLC (“Kudu”) on its acquisition of a minority interest in Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough (“B|O|S”).  Founded in 2015 by Rob Jakacki and Charlie Ruffel, Kudu provides capital, typically through minority stake structures, to investment and wealth advisory firms who wish to remain independent. B|O|S is a leading California Bay Area wealth management firm with over 30 years of experience serving high net worth clients and approximately $4.7 billion in client assets as of September 2018.

“Kudu represents one of various permanent capital alternatives available in the market today.  As more and more RIAs seek financing to help position themselves for their next stage of organic and/or inorganic growth, creative options like those offered by Kudu can be extremely compelling,” said Steven Levitt, Founder of Park Sutton Advisors.  “The transaction landscape for wealth management businesses continues to progress at an escalated pace and unique capital solutions like those offered by Kudu can allow firms to preserve independence and entrepreneurial spirit while aligning all stakeholders.”

“We have known Rob Jakacki for over 20 years from a predecessor investment bank where he was an early architect of innovative asset structuring,” said Annie Tronoski, Managing Director at Park Sutton Advisors.  “He then went on to co-found the highly-successful Asset Management Finance, LLC which was ultimately sold to Credit Suisse. Rob is able to translate deep technical expertise into capital solutions for RIAs and other investment managers that result in win-win outcomes. We wish the folks at Kudu and B|O|S great success in their partnership.”

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Park Sutton Advisors is a leading investment banking boutique that specializes in the financial services industry. With over 70 years of aggregate experience, our senior team has worked in many facets of the financial services industry, including investment banking, asset management and mutual funds, consumer finance, insurance, equity research and funds evaluation.

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