QA Wealth // Captrust

Park Sutton advises Big Four focused QA Wealth Management on transaction with CAPTRUST

New York, NY, April 24, 2023Park Sutton Advisors, a Waller Helms Company (“Park Sutton Advisors”) is pleased to have represented QA Wealth Management (“QA”) on its sale to CAPTRUST, a leading registered investment adviser (“RIA”) with over $900 billion in Assets Under Management and Advisement (“AUM/A”) and headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Headquartered in the Minneapolis Area, QA specializes in working with Big Four professionals, providing them with financial advice, planning, and investment management. QA was founded in 2000 by John Wing. It is today led by CEO Dan Westin with $770 million in Assets Under Management and additional $1.2 billion under Advisement.

“We’re a values-based fiduciary, compelled by the guiding principle that the best businesses focus on treating others the way they want to be treated,” said John Wing. Dan Westin added, “We deliver advice and planning tailored to the needs of Big Four partners across the country, including the selection of investments that comply with their firm’s independence programs, so that they can invest with peace of mind.”

Commenting on the transaction, Rush Benton, CAPTRUST’s Senior Director of strategic growth, said, “We are thrilled to tap into the niche market of the Big Four partners that QA supports. The QA team has specific and valuable knowledge of this industry and bringing them on to CAPTRUST only enhances our wealth offering.”

Park Sutton Advisors Managing Director, Dan Erichson, CFA, who led the transaction, said, “Acquirers love a great niche. QA has one with the Big Four, which resulted from deep expertise in planning and compliant investment solutions for this target market. Theirs is one of the best we have seen. With this transaction, QA will be well-positioned to lead a group within CAPTRUST that is focused on this clientele and expand upon the foundation it has built, with access to broader services, solutions, and marketing expertise. We look forward to seeing what the combined business can achieve together and wish both sides all the best.”

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