KB Financial and OneDigital

Park Sutton Advisors Represents $1 billion Wealth Manager in Princeton, NJ

New York, NY, September 27, 2022– Park Sutton Advisors LLC (“PSA”) is pleased to have represented KB Financial Partners, LLC and KB Financial Advisory Partners (“KB”) on its acquisition by OneDigital (“OneDigital”), a leading insurance brokerage, financial services, and HR consulting firm managing approximately $107.8 billion in assets under management. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, KB Financial was founded in 1983. KB provides financial services, tax and estate planning, insurance solutions, wealth management, business succession planning, corporate advisory, and family office services to a diverse client base. They have offices in Princeton, NJ, Jackson Hole, WY, and Miami, FL.

“Our deep knowledge base and client-first model has helped us drive better outcomes for our clients,” said James Kaplan, Co-Chief Executive Officer of KB. “As part of OneDigital, we anticipate leveraging their expertise and expanded capabilities to reach many more, both within our current footprint and beyond.”

Vince Morris, President of OneDigital Retirement + Wealth, said, “KB’s leadership and experienced team have specialties that complement our wealth management capabilities and round out our vision by offering business succession planning, corporate advisory, and family office services. KB’s offering will help our SMB business owners and corporate executives access corporate advisory services that help them plan and better position their businesses for a future liquidity event. KB’s team offers the high-level service that our Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients can experience. We are grateful KB will further its journey as members of the OneDigital team, leveraging our strengths to continue to grow both regionally and across the OneDigital platform.”

Park Sutton Founder and Managing Director Steven Levitt, who led the transaction, said, “Jim and Mark have found the perfect partner in OneDigital. KB will help expand OneDigital’s Wealth Platform into the Ultra High Net Worth space, while leveraging OneDigital’s size to expand geographically and grow their benefits offering.” Don Schipf, CFA, a Park Sutton Director, added, “Park Sutton couldn’t be happier for KB and OneDigital. This transaction will continue to create long-term value for clients, employees, and shareholders.”

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