Johnson Brunetti and Alera Group

Park Sutton Advises $3 Billion RIA, Johnson Brunetti

New York, NY, August 2, 2022– Park Sutton Advisors LLC (“PSA”) is pleased to have represented Johnson Brunetti, LLC (“Johnson Brunetti”) on its acquisition by Alera Group (“Alera”), a leading independent insurance and wealth services firm with over $17 billion in assets under management and advisement (“AUM/A”) and headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Headquartered in Wethersfield, Connecticut, Johnson Brunetti is an RIA with 9 offices along the East Coast. Johnson Brunetti brings $3 billion in AUM/A and an unparalleled marketing platform to Alera’s Wealth Services team.

Johnson Brunetti’s CEO and Founder, Joel Johnson, said, “We anticipate reaching many more [clients], both in our current footprint and elsewhere. We anticipate leveraging Alera Group’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions in addition to back-office, technology and centralized investment services.”

“We are looking for entrepreneurial individuals that want to collaborate within Alera,” said Tina Hohman, Executive VP and wealth services practice leader, at Alera. “They have excellent marketing capabilities that we feel like we can export throughout our company, and we feel like we can import our expertise in running an organization.”

The transaction was co-led by Dan Erichson, CFA and Steven Levitt of Park Sutton Advisors. Managing Director, Dan Erichson, said, “Johnson Brunetti is one of the fastest growing RIAs we’ve seen. Joel Johnson, Eric Hogarth, and their team were very interested to “play in a bigger playground” and highly motivated to help expand a larger organization’s wealth business, influencing their decision to partner with Alera. Johnson Brunetti’s marketing expertise can be broadly leveraged and we expect this to supercharge Alera’s already robust growth.” Park Sutton Founder, Steven Levitt, added, “This is a big win for both sides and solidifies Alera as a strong player in RIA M&A. We are thrilled to have advised Johnson Brunetti in this transaction and are excited to see what the two firms can accomplish together.”

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