New York, NY, June 7th, 2021– Park Sutton Advisors, LLC (“Park Sutton Advisors”) is pleased to have represented Fiduciary Plan Advisors (“FPA”) on its acquisition by OneDigital Investment Advisors (“OneDigital”), a leading strategic advisory firm and registered investment advisor (“RIA”) based in Atlanta, Georgia, with more than 100 offices and 3,000 business strategists serving the needs of over 85,000 employers across the nation. Founded in 2014 and based in Baltimore, Maryland, FPA is one of the nation’s leading retirement and wealth consultancies, overseeing $6 billion in assets and serving over 200,000 Americans through diverse offerings, including plan governance and compliance services, employee education, financial wellness, vendor management, and plan design.

“I’m extremely proud of the successes we have accomplished over the last seven years and I think a key component of that has been our people-first culture and business outlook,” said Co-founder Jania Stout. “Maintaining this outlook was important to Chad [Wilson] and I and factored heavily in our decision to join OneDigital as they emphasize the same outlook with their employees and clients…”

“With Jania Stout and Chad Wilson at the helm, Fiduciary Plan Advisors have become one of the fastest growing and most well-known retirement plan consulting firms in the country. I really appreciate their passion for servicing retirement plans with the mission of reducing financial stress through financial wellness,” said Vince Morris, President of OneDigital Retirement + Wealth.

Steven Levitt, Founder of Park Sutton Advisors, said, “It was an honor to work with the FPA team in their search for a partner. Combinations like this bring tremendous resource, scale, and growth opportunity and are highly synergistic for both parties.” Dan Erichson, CFA, a Park Sutton Advisors Director added, “As Americans are aging, there is a tremendous need for advice, not only for individuals, but also at the corporate level. We expect rapid consolidation within the 401(k)/retirement and benefits consulting space that parallels the personal wealth space and wish our friends at FPA the best of luck in their new relationship with an outstanding partner.”

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