Avior Wealth Management & Constellation Wealth Capital

Park Sutton Advises $4 Billion Avior Wealth Management on Strategic Investment from Constellation Wealth Capital

June 3, 2024 – Park Sutton Advisors, a Waller Helms Company (“Park Sutton”) is pleased to have represented Avior Wealth Management, LLC (“Avior”) on its strategic investment from Constellation Wealth Capital (“Constellation” or “CWC”), an alternative asset management platform dedicated to the wealth management sector. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, Avior is an independent wealth management, financial planning, and tax & accounting firm, with approximately $4.1bn in assets under management.

“The Constellation team joins us at an exciting time – we have a great track record of growth and feel like our story is just getting started. This investment allows us to focus on meaningful inorganic growth initiatives, create new organic growth channels, and deliver operational efficiencies in our business,” said Britt Campbell, CEO. “With CWC as a partner, we are able to maintain control and ownership of our organization, create opportunities for broader equity participation, and continue to invest in the talent that makes Avior so special.”

Karl Heckenberg, Managing Partner at CWC, said, “Avior’s consistent client service offering and geographic growth position it very well within the competitive wealth management space. Avior has built a tremendous business that provides advisors with a compelling, client-centric platform. Britt and the team have done an excellent job of ensuring management, advisors, and the client’s interests are aligned over the long-term, and we look forward to the opportunity to support them as they execute on their vision.”

“Constellation’s investment in Avior serves as an example of the continued trend of RIAs seeking minority capital partners to execute on inorganic growth strategies,” said Park Sutton Managing Director, John Eubanks, CFP. “Fast-growing platforms like Avior are increasingly opting to partner with firms that can bring not only capital to the table but also provide strategic wherewithal to foster sustainable growth. We look forward to the success that Avior’s and CWC’s partnership will bring.”

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