At Park Sutton Advisors, we understand that a transaction represents a once-in-a-lifetime event for private business owners. Consequently, we seek to provide clients with experienced, confidential advice and the absolute highest level of personal attention. Our senior partners are extremely involved with every phase of an assignment.

We serve a limited number of clients at any given time and gain a comprehensive understanding of each client’s business and distinct needs. Our focused business model allows our partners to constantly dedicate their attention to clients and solve their problems with uniquely tailored solutions. Ensuring confidentiality is of utmost importance.

At Park Sutton Advisors, we seek to ensure a long-term strategic fit, rather than focusing only on near-term results. Our senior partners have extensive contacts, critical industry knowledge, and long-standing relationships based on trust.

Our firm does not engage in research, sales, trading, lending, or related activities and is solely focused on providing objective advice in order to ensure the optimal outcome for all parties involved.

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